luni, 4 decembrie 2017

The "e4 e5" announces the following composing tourneys in 2018:

                                                                                     A. "e4 e5"

International Composing Tourney ”100 Years Cup” 2018  Section Endgame  Studies    
Informal composing tourney, free theme, unlimited entries. JUDGES: Sergey Osintsev (Russia).  Closing  date:  
December  25, 2018.  Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail:   Award will be 
published  on  the  “e4 e5” magazine.  All participants will receive the award by e-mail.

                                                                                        B. "e4 e5" Supplement

International Thematic Composing Tourney ”100 Years Cup” 2018 Section Fairies with Mosaic
Celebrating a century since Bukovina got united with the country, the Romanian Problemists Club in collaboration with the "e4 e5" Supplement, organises an informal chess composition tourney with a free theme. We ask for special composition problems that include the Mosaic thematic pieces. The unlimited number of problems can be send at the magazine editorial address or to the following email: The period of receiving them is due 25th of December 2018 and all the participants will receive the printed magazine. 

”Nicolae Gheran – 80” Memorial Tourney 2017 Fairies
The Romanian Problemists` Club and the ”e4 e5”  Supplement  magazine announce an  informal   composing tourney for fairies in memory of   Romanian  composer Nicolae Gheran (1937-1988).  Judge: Ján Golha (Slovakia).  Free theme,
is allowed only  the  Cheval de Troie   fairy  piece.  Zero-positions and   other fairy pieces and/or
conditions are not allowed.  Unlimited entries, send originals to  e-mail  before
December   25,  2018.  Awards will be  published on the „e4 e5”  magazine. Correspondents will be sent the printed

Informal Composing Tourney of the magazine 2018   hs#n                      
Informal composing tourney, free theme. Zero-positions,  fairy pieces and/or fairy conditions are not   allowed. Unlimited entries.  Judge: Valerio Agostini  (Italy). 
Closing date:  December 25, 2018. Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail:    Award will be published on the  
“e4 e5” magazine.  All participants will receive the award by e-mail. Correspondents will be sent the 
printed  magazine.

 Informal Composing Tourney of the magazine Edition 2017-2018  Secțiile Ser-h/s/r/#/=n 
 Informal   tourney, free theme, are allowed only the next fairy  pieces: Amazon (AM), Princess (PR), Kangaroo (KA),
Viceking (EK), Querquisite (QQ) and Wormhole. Zero-positions and  other fairy pieces and/or conditions are not
allowed. Unlimited entries, send originals to  e-mail  before December 25, 2018.  
Awards will be published on the „e4 e5” magazine.  Correspondents will be sent the printed  magazine. Please reprint!

”Mircea Mihai Manolescu – 80”Memorial Tourney 2018 Sections: Selfmates and Fairies with 
Querquisite  The Romanian Problemists` Club  and the ”e4 e5” Supplement  magazine announce an informal 
composing tourney for Selfmates  and  Fairies (with Querquisite)  in  memory of  Romanian composer Mircea Mihai 
Manolescu (1938-2003).  Judges: Anatoly Stepochkin  (Russia) & Ján Golha  (Slovakia). Send entries to the editor 
of  "e4 e5" Dan Gurgui  Closing date: December 25, 2018.

In 2018 all participants will receive the magazine printed in A5 format.
B 2018 году все участники получат журнал, напечатанный в формате A5.